Jamilla Deville - 5 DVD Collection

Jamilla Deville - 5 DVD Collection

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The Art of Pole Collection by Jamilla Deville is the ultimate pole dancing instruction series.

Designed to lead pole dancers all the way through from basic steps around the pole to some of the most advanced pole moves and transitions, The Art of Pole Collection is a definitive guide to pole dancing. Combining single move tuition with small combinations and then mini-routines, all aspects of this art form are catered for: walks, spins, climbs, inversions, mounts and dismounts; smooth transitioning, snappy combinations, and the touches that make pole moves into pole dance.

The series covers all levels from Beginner through to Advanced, all with comprehensive detailed instruction and demonstration. Also includes two levels of pole specific warm-ups and cool-downs for both on and off the pole, two levels of pole conditioning, a focus section on body rolls, plus exclusive live performances.


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