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For the first time, The Art of Pole Collection by Jamilla Deville is available in English + Spanish in a beautiful Limited Edition 5 x DVD Collectors Set. Created by one of the world’s most accomplished pole dancers, the collection is known to many as the ‘Pole Dancer’s Bible’.

Featuring five full length DVDs with step-by-step instruction, mini-routines for the moves you’ve learned and special features such as Warm Ups, Cool Downs, Pole Conditioning and Performances, The Art of Pole Collection is the original, multi award-winning DVD series for dancers at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. 

Jamilla Deville is the only instructor to receive the coveted IPDFA Instructor of the Year Award two years running, is the current UPA Pro Poler of the Year (2014) and is arguably the most knowledgeable instructor in the world. With The Art of Pole Collection, now you can learn from the best in English + Spanish!


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